Two participants of the Startup Accelerator in Halle working on their business idea.

Accelerator Program – Overview

The Startup-Accelerator is an industry-specific seed accelerator that supports tech-startups within the fields of health and medicine, chemistry, and bioeconomy as well as energy and recycling. The program takes place two times a year and divides the startups into so-called batches. Each batch runs four months including mentorship, educational elements as well as networking opportunities resulting in an investor pitch event at the end.

Startup Workshops

In only four months you will undergo several business-related workshops. Our startup network consisting of coaches, mentors, and external experts will support you in gaining valuable expertise in four core topics: Business Model, Certification, Finance, and Marketing & Sales. As a result, you will be taught to set up your own Business Plan and learn about Startup Financing or Marketing Strategies for Startups. In addition, we also offer startup courses suitable for your specific business e.g. ISO 9001, Brand Management, Accounting or Content Management.

Man writing on a test tube in a laboratory.
Woman holding a pipette in a laboratory.

Participating in the Weinberg Campus Accelerator means also attending a necessary Soft Skills Training. Thus, you will learn about an efficient Time & Project Management, you will understand how to create a convincing Pitch Deck in our Pitch Training Course, and you will acquire Negotiation Skills to master any client or investor meeting. Moreover, in Design Thinking you will be taught to think out of the box and last but not least you will extend your knowledge in Leadership Qualities.

Here you can find a selection of topics that we cover throughout the program.

Startup-Accelerator Halle -
next chance to join

Your next chance to join the program is in 2022. You will have to submit your application. More information about the Accelerator 2022 and application dates will follow soon! Once you have been selected to participate you will be assigned an individual Startup Mentor who will support you to turn your business idea into a successful startup. In the following months you will attend numerous entrepreneurial workshops, coaching, and networking events. At the end of the program the final event will take place where you have the chance to present your Pitch Deck and potentially land a deal with an investor.

What our alumni say

“The Weinberg Campus Accelerator was a very beneficial program which helped IdentMe with their entire business know-how. We thank the whole team for their support and great organization.”

Womann holding a pipet in a laboratory.

Anne Findeisen, Co-Founder IdentMe

“I appreciated the mutual support between startups, constructive feedback, and the constant help by the Weinberg Campus Accelerator Team as well as qualified coaches.”

Portrait of an accelertaor participant.Moritz Spiller, Co-Founder SURAG Medical

“The Weinberg Campus Accelerator enabled us to make decisive progress. Instructive coaching and individual support in the areas of medical device approval, business model, sales and market access, as well as contact with potential investors and partners have contributed significantly to matriheal's success.”

Startup presenting their pitch deck.Tobias Hedtke, matriheal


You will get access to first-class business workshops, coaching, investors, and networking opportunities to develop your startup. Moreover, you will have an experienced Startup Mentor at your side.

Our aim is to provide you with the best hands-on entrepreneurial knowledge and founding know-how as possible so that you can reach market readiness within a short period of time.

Definitely! We tailor the workshops and coaching to your specific startup-related needs. Just tell us which topic gives you headaches and we engage the right experts. The workshops also strengthen your entrepreneurial thinking and broaden your business know-how.

The individual sessions with our coaches and industry experts are designed to help you with your particular case. You can take as much time as you need with them. After those 4 months you can remain in the program to benefit from further startup support.

Don’t worry if you can’t join all the workshops. We record our online workshops so you can watch them later. We also provide workshop materials and handouts that summarize the workshops’ content.

The program is free of charge. However, it is de minimis relevant. Learn more about de minis aid. 

There is no set group of coaches as we individually check who has the best qualifications for each topic and who can best meet the startups’ requirements. You can have a look at former coaches and experts.